What a beautiful day! Vancouver Canadians Home Opener 2017 & Fireworks Extravaganza

Baseball season has come to Vancouver!

The Vancouver Canadians kicked off their Northwest League season on June 20th, 2017 at their homestand Nat Bailey Stadium.



Nat Bailey Stadium


What a beautiful day it was!

The rainy days have been here just until this morning. And now, we have super clear summer day. Actually, it was just the day before the summer solstice.


This is the Scotiabank Field, that is Nat Bailey Stadium, the homestand of Canadians.




Yeah, men were preparing there to turn the scoreboard behind it! A lovely handmade stadium. I feel an affinity with that.




I found a sign of Japanese as “アサヒビール”, it means Asahi Beer. It is the most popular beer maker in Japan. I was like glad because I’m a Japanese guy.

However, I didn’t know it is necessary to show my ID to purchase any alcoholic drinks here.  Are you sure I might be less than 20?  Anyway, I bought a bottle of coke and a slice of pizza instead of beer…



The Home Opener against the Eugene Emeralds


The Eugene Emeralds are the affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. This major league team is famous in Japan as a team in which Ichiro belonged.

The Canadians are the Northwest League affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.


Northwest League is a league of Class A Short Season. It is placed under the single A Leagues.




It was a super comfortable day. The best condition to watch a baseball game.




I could enjoy the game, I don’t know any names of the players though.







Finally, Canadians won the game! Congrats.


Fireworks Extravaganza

After the game, the Fireworks Extravaganza has held even it was still not completely dark.






It was beautiful. And I could feel summer has come.




On the way to go home, I could see the colors of the sunset although it was around t0:30 pm. Summer solstice in a northern country is amazing.